Quantum Refelx Analysis

QRA is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development. A dynamic technology, QRA is the world's first comprehensive practitioner-assessment technology which allows the practitioner to assess the dynamic status of the human biofield in order to restore quantum conherence, enhanced cellular resonance, and ultimate physical, emotional, and mental health. QRA (and ERT) seeks out the true root causes of pain, illness, and interference within the body while introducing nutrients to nourish, detox, and heal, as well as eliminate emotional and physical traumas and interferences within the body's biofield.  

Premier Research Labs

Quantum State Living Nutrients which are exquisitely grown and free of toxic tagalongs. Quantum Products are the result of relentless searching to find the best live sourced phytonutrients with quantum energetics. When we put living nutrients into a living body, the outcome is the most rapid shift to ideal cellular resonance for targeted organs and glands and overall health and well-being. Quantum Nutrients are 100% excipient free, live sourced, and pristine. 
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Testing And Nutrients

Interference Fields And Mudpacking

Special clays with crystalline structure that enable restoration of energy flow throughout the biofield. And amazing healing modality and compliment to QRA Practice!